Granville Gorge Revisited

Growing up in the eatly sixties on Granville Road in Southwick we would ride our bikes the 5 miles or so to the Granville Gorge. The uphill ride was hot and tough, but we were rewarded with the ice cold waters and pristine pools of nature at her best. Then, it was a long coast downhill as we made our way home. Later, when our own kids were young, Lynne and I would take them to the gorge to cool off on hot summer days. Sometimes we would carry them across and hike up to the fire road on the north side. It was a difficult climb followed by an easy walk all the way to the Westfield Water Works dam in Granville.

I’m still learning to use my new Canon EOS that Lynne gave me as a retirement gift. Today I decided to play around with the shutter speed priority mode which is cool for shooting moving water. What better place to find moving water than the Granville Gorge. I knew I’d be shooting at 1/15 of a second or slower, so I packed my tripod and cable release along with a couple of lenses and assorted filters.

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8 thoughts on “Granville Gorge Revisited

  1. says:

    This camera really captures the colors beautifully.

  2. mrcowles says:

    Thanks, Jenn . . . I’m still learning how to use it, but having a blast.

  3. Steve Simmons says:

    we used to ride our bikes from Agawam to both there and the State park to go swimming … good memories …

  4. Some really nice shots — The slow shutter speeds make the water look surreal. Glad to see that you’re out and about, too!

    • mrcowles says:

      Thanks, Ry. It was really cool being back up there. A lot of storm damage on the upper trail has pretty much eliminated motorized vehicles . . . no noise and no ruts. I remember us hiking up there years ago.

  5. John Viel says:

    Wow, how things do but don’t change through the generations. I recall doing that same ride with Ryan More than once for the same reason. Some great pictures you got there. Seems as though you are enjoying retirement. Congratulations by the way.

    • mrcowles says:

      Thanks Johnny . . .
      Talking about cross-generational links, my Dad used to go swimming at Tin Bridge when he was a kid. I seem to recall you guys getting kicked out of there a couple of times.

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