Fathers’ Day 2013

The third Sunday in June . . . it’s not men’s day, masculinity day, or “man up” day.

It’s Fathers’ Day. All it takes to be a man is a Y chromosome. It takes a lot more to be a Father. It takes more than just having children. There’s no shortage of men who are little more than sperm donors. That’s not being a Father. Fathers’ Day is the day we set aside to honor those men who “Dad Up”.

“Dad Up” . . . I like that better than man up, an all too familiar phrase in today’s world. What does it mean to Dad Up?  Some might say it requires sacrifice . . . I think a better term would be investment. A Father invests in his children . . . he invests his time . . . he invests his experience . . . he invests his financial resources . . . he invests his Self. It’s not really a sacrifice because the payoff far exceeds the investment. The greatest joy in a Father’s Life is seeing his children develop into caring, competent, loving Human Beings. There’s nothing better.

So a big “Thank You” goes out to all my fellow men, past and present, who have displayed the courage and commitment to “Dad Up”.

This day is for all of you.



5 thoughts on “Fathers’ Day 2013

  1. Ryan Cowles says:

    Happy Father’s day, Dad! I love you!

  2. friedensons@comcast.net says:

    Amen to that!  Happy Father’s Day.  Jeanette

  3. mrcowles says:

    Thanks, Jeanette . . .

  4. […] Shameless plug: My dad blogs at MrCowles.com and shares his photos at 365.MrCowles.com. He also wrote a post last year about Father’s Day.  […]

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