I’m Back . . .

Wow!!! I haven’t updated this blog since February 23rd.

I must admit that I’ve been totally consumed by my photo blog over at 365.mrcowles.com. Time to try and restore some balance.

I just finished posting final grades for the spring semester. I have no assigned courses for the summer and should, therefore, have more time to dedicate to my blogging. While I’m still having a blast with my Project 365, there’s no shortage of mental minutiae going on here.

I’m approaching the first anniversary of my retirement. It’s been an interesting year. I taught five days a week for the fall semester. Granted, the days were much shorter (11:30 to 2:20 was my long day), but I was working five days, nonetheless. It was good having someplace to go everyday. I needed the structure. Then, when course assignments came out for spring, I still had three courses but all were MWF. . . What to do with Tuesdays and Thursdays?

There’s a nagging sense of guilt that arises when a day goes by and I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. For some reason reading, taking and processing pictures, going out to lunch, walking in the woods, listening to music, practicing dance, visiting friends and relatives and playing with the dogs don’t seem to assuage it. It’s as though those are not worthwhile endeavors. Where does that come from? Have I been so conditioned to devalue things I love to do and to view activities as worthy only if there’s suffering involved? Yikes!!! I’m gonna have to work on this.

Keeping up with this blog just might be a good way to begin.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back . . .

  1. friedensons@comcast.net says:

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s no right or wrong way to be retired.  That’s the beauty of it.  

    1) We can do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it. 

    1) We can do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it.  2)  We can stop doing whatever we’re doing whenever we please. 3)  We can change our minds about what we want to do as many times as we like.  4)  And almost every day presents us with opportunities to do new things that we’ve never tried before along with chances to keep on doing the things we like. 

    There’s just no downside.

    Enjoy!  Jeanette 

  2. mrcowles says:

    Thanks, Jeanette . . .
    You’re so right, but it does take some getting used to.
    I’m “working” on it.

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