Snow Day

Classes were cancelled today as the Great Blizzard of 2013 bore down on New England. I decided to check in on Facebook and noticed a post from Red Riding Hood’s Basket, a delightful café right here in town. They were open this morning! The snow was just beginning to fall, and I reasoned I could venture out for a short photo excursion around the lakes. I would stop at Riding Hood’s for a latte and be back home before conditions became really bad.

I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. The roads were just wet as I came upon the gazebo at the north boat ramp. I would have to shoot from inside my truck to keep my equipment protected from the elements. I took a few shots of the gazebo when a couple of ice fishermen went by pulling their “ice house”. I snapped off a couple shots that I thought would make a nice counterpoint to the cozy coffee shop. The snow was beginning to accumulate on the road so I figured it was time to go for my latte and get home.

 There were a few customers in the shop when I arrived. I ordered my latte and clicked off a few shots trying to capture the warmth of the café as the snow continued falling outside. 01. gazebo 02. icehouse 03. sign 04. porch 05. red 06. open 07. latte-1 08. latte-2 09. latte 10. window 11. tannery2While I didn’t rush, I didn’t delay either. I perused the morning paper as I finished my latte, then headed home to ride out the storm.

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2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Jeanette says:

    LIFE IS GOOD (unless, of course, the power goes out)!

  2. mrcowles says:

    So far . . . so good!!!

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