Labor Day 2012

Tomorrow will be my first real day of retirement. While I will not miss the convocation, association meeting and staff meeting all that much, I will miss reconnecting with friends and colleagues I haven’t seen all summer. There are more than 60 people on staff at Roberta G. Doering School. You’ve been a huge part of my Life for the past several years. . . a Family enjoined in a great common endeavor. I suppose it would be more noble to say I will miss working with the kids (I surely will) . . . but what I’m really feeling right now is not seeing all of you tomorrow. Believe me . . . there is no shortage of things I will NOT miss. This is the least stressful Labor Day I’ve experienced in a long time . . . maybe ever. . . but I will miss you. Wishing all of you all the best.

10 thoughts on “Labor Day 2012

  1. Donna says:

    and I know I will miss you!! enjoy your first stress-free fall, but know we’ll be thinking of you!

    • mrcowles says:

      Thanks, Donna . . . I can’t describe the feeling I have knowing that tomorrow you begin the “Science Teacher” phase of your career . . . seems “right”.

  2. Stacy says:

    You will be missed .. And not only for your work with the kids… But your friendship…. I will feel you absence tomorrow.

  3. lisa nettis says:

    Well…I will surely miss you and all of the help you have given me over the past 19yrs! Stop in to say hello when you can! Enjoy every day!…..

    • mrcowles says:

      Wow, Lisa . . . was it really 19 years ago that we were next door neighbors?
      I will stop by after Steve has a chance to get his feet on the ground and make the job “his”.
      Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Dawn says:

    I’ll let you know when the first WMCA dinner is and maybe you can join me.

  5. Michelle Reynolds says:

    It will be strange without you tomorrow! It will take some getting used to. I’ll be thinking of you. Maybe I should buy a raffle ticket, because you always won! 🙂 miss you already!

  6. mrcowles says:

    Thanks, Reynolds. Go for that 50/50 raffle . . . it would buy some cool new photo stuff!

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