Hot and Humid

It’s about 98 degrees in Western Massachusetts right now. . . humid, too. I’m just sitting tight playing around with WordPress. Went for a nice morning walk yesterday. Took along the new Canon EOS Lynne gave me for a retirement gift. As soon as I figure out how to put up a gallery I’ll add some of my first shots.

3 thoughts on “Hot and Humid

  1. Jack Lampiasi says:

    Dick Very nice pics here. We still have some of the photos you took of our kids hanging in our house. Glad to see you are making such good use of your newly found retirement time (A little embarrassing too- Six years and I have done nothing like this) Jack

  2. mrcowles says:

    Thanks, Jack . . . could be the novelty of retirement. We’ll see what this looks like in six years . . . or next week!

  3. jslicer says:

    Oddly enough, I was in Western Massachusetts on that date, traveling with my family and in-laws. About a half day in Chicopee before heading to Buffalo, NY and then the trek back to Kansas City. Yes, it was hot.

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